Door Openings

Door Threshold are manufactured for the two door openings, they are:

  1. Outward Swing
  2. Inward Swing

Exterior doors can be made to swing either outward or inward. The most common opening is outward. Doors that are designed to swing out tend to have a better threshold design to shed the water that drains off the door. A door that is designed to swing outward will almost always perform better in terms of preventing water entry than a door that is made to swing inward.

At Custom Door Thresholds, we have numerous door threshold models for both outward and inward swing doors. You can find out whether the door threshold is an outward or inward swing model on the product page. This information will be listed in the Description Tab and the Specifications Tab. If you are using the Custom Order Page you can select either outward or inward swing during the selection process.

If you need additional information or have any questions please contact one of our Customer Service Representatives at 800-348-4056.