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What are the types of notching for a door threshold?

There are three different door notches and they are standard, L shaped and U shaped.  At Custom Door Thresholds we have created a video explaining the 3 different notch types and we also have a corresponding PDF that you can download. To get this information please click on the link below:

How To Measure a Door Notch

What is a thermal break?

A thermal break means separating the frame into 2 separate interior and exterior pieces joined with a less conductive material between reduces temperature transfer. In addition thermal breaks can have the added benefit of reducing sound transmittance by dampening vibration.

A doorway threshold contains a thermal break for the enhanced insulation and protection under your door. The thermal break prevents frost build up on the underside and reduces heat loss. It can fill gaps and is usually ADA / Wheelchair accessible. (passed ANSI Standard Load Test).

Does it matter if my front door swings in or swings out?

Yes. Door Thresholds are manufactured for how the door opens so it important if the door swings inward or outward.
Exterior doors can be made to swing either outward or inward. The most common opening is outward. Doors that are designed to swing out tend to have a better threshold design to shed the water that drains off the door. A door that is designed to swing outward will almost always perform better in terms of preventing water entry than a door that is made to swing inward.

At Custom Door Thresholds, we have numerous door threshold models for both outward and inward swing doors. You can find out whether the door threshold is an outward or inward swing model on the product page. This information will be listed in the Description Tab and the Specifications Tab. If you are using the Custom Order Page you can select either outward or inward swing during the selection process.

What does it mean when a door threshold is ADA Compliant?

Are they much different than a non-compliant ADA threshold?

Door thresholds that are manufactured in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Title III and their requirements of accessible design are considered ADA Compliant door thresholds. Usually these door thresholds will clearly state they are ADA Compliant on their packaging. ADA compliant thresholds are usually low profile door thresholds that allow people in wheelchairs to easily pass over them. They are also usually made of metal (i.e. aluminum) and are strong enough to handle the weight and stress of wheelchairs. These door thresholds will not buckle over time, and can support heavy traffic abuse.
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